Engraved Stainless Steel Pendant or Keychain, with a memorial flower bead made from your flower. This pendant comes with a black leather cord to attach to your keychain or necklace.

We can take just a few flower petals and make a hand rolled bead that has your flower embedded within the bead.

This is a nice way to memorialize a lost family member or friend. It is also a nice keepsake for wedding flowers.

Engraving on all 4 surfaces is included, so there is ample room to fit names and dates, GPS coordinates of your favorite location, or short message.

The sleek look makes this a perfect gift for a man or woman, and it's size is neither too small nor overpowering. The 1/4" x 1 3/4" size is pretty much the same size as a car key.



  1. Enter any text to be engraved on the pendant. 
  2. Mail 3 or 4 flower petals to us for use in your memorial bead.

Mailing address for the flower is:

Merrimack Engraving / Killorglin Creations

PO Box 2054

Methuen, MA 01844



All work is performed by hand in our Methuen, Ma shop.

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