We can turn your memorial flowers into a set of Rosary Beads.

Funeral flowers, wedding and prom flowers are embedded into our hand made beads.

Turn a flower into a lasting memory for years to come.

A funeral is a time to reflect on a loved one and the joy you experienced with that person. Our rosary beads keep those memories with you whenever you use the rosary beads.

Simply send us about 12 - 15 good size petals and we will make a custom rosary bead set for you.

Each flower bead is hand made, which gives slight variations in size, shape and coloring, so you know it is a custom made, personalized piece of jewelry.

Select from clear crystal clear, pearl, amber or green colored spacers between each bead to suit your taste.  If you want a spacer color other than crystal clear, specify your choice in the notes box at checkout.


We can also turn your flower petals into bracelets and ear rings too.  Please see our bracelets and ear rings in the JEWELRY section.


Please mail your flower petals to:



PO BOX 2054 




  1. Leave the flowers out of water and open to the air prior to shipping.
  2. Peel off flower petals and place on a paper towel and microwave for 20 seconds to remove moisture from the flowers. You may need to do this 3 times (60 seconds total).
  3. Place in a zip seal bag.
  4. Include a copy of your order with the flowers so we can match up your flowers to your order.


 We suggest using a shipping method that has a tracking number.

 We will keep any extra petals for 6 months in case you need to order additional items.



We do not wrap the flower around the outside of the bead as those can delaminate. Instead, we dry your flowers and actually roll them into the bead as we hand roll the beads. Your dried flower is embedded within the pearl color bead so it can not delaminate and flake off.

As flowers dry they will darken, so for example, a bright red or yellow rose will darken as it dries, this is the natural process of flowers aging, there is no way to maintain the original color of a new flower. 

Once you receive your flower jewelry from us you can rest assured that your memorial flower is now protected for ages to come.  

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Rosary beads

Kristina V. Amaral on Apr 25th 2022

I received my rosary beads-all four beautifully crafted. A beautiful memorial gift. This was not my first order, and definitely won’t be my last. Turn around time was real quick too.

Rosary beads

stephanie mitchell on Aug 3rd 2021

We absolutely adore your rosary bead product that you made with our personal flowers that we sent to you. We now have a nice item that reminds us of our special memory of our loved one.

Rosaries, cufflinks, lapel pins

Kimber Parks on Jun 27th 2021

The whole family absolutely loves how these special rosaries, cufflinks and lapel pins made from flowers turned out. They are a precious remembrance of our beloved Charlotte and of how much she influenced people with her faith. We also especially appreciate the kind service we received by the owners of this company and admire their craftsmanship in these handmade items. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Rosary beads

Kristina Amaral on Jan 3rd 2021

I think the rosary beads came out beautiful, all five of them. My mother in law loved it so much as did my sister in law and cousin. Terribly sad we had to even had them made but honestly, they are a beautiful to remember our loved one. Thank you.