This listing is for a Decade or "finger" Rosary which has ten beads plus one Our Father bead to complete one rosary.

The decade rosary is made with your own memorial flowers embedded within each hand rolled bead. This is a very handy size to keep in a pocket book.

Turn a flower into a lasting memory for years to come. Funeral flowers, wedding and prom flowers are embedded into our hand made beads.

A funeral is a time to reflect on a loved one and the joy you experienced with that person. Our rosary beads keep those memories with you whenever you use the rosary beads.

Simply send us about 12 - 15 good size petals and we will make a custom rosary bead set for you.

Each flower bead is hand made, which gives slight variations in size, shape and coloring, so you know it is a custom made, personalized piece of jewelry.

We can also turn your flower petals into bracelets and ear rings too.  Please see our bracelets and ear rings in the JEWELRY section.


Please mail your flower petals (dry of fresh) to:


PO BOX 2054


We suggest using a shipping method that has a tracking number. We will keep any extra petals for 6 months in case you need to order additional items.

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