This listing is for a wallet card with a photo AND your voice recording.

This metal card is very durable and fits in a wallet for easy access to memories.

A perfect gift for Dad, Military family member, child at school or anyone that is away from you.

Now you can give your loved one a photo of yourself AND a recording of your voice, special song, sounds of your favorite beach, dog barking.......

All you need to do to hear the recording is use any free QR CODE READER app and access to the internet.

Simply scan the code on the wallet card and hear your message - IN YOUR ACTUAL VOICE!




  1. Use your phone or computer VOICE RECORDER to record your special message up to 1 minute long.
  2. Email your AUDIO FILE that you created and your PHOTO JPG file to: info@kcgifts.net
  3. In the email SUBJECT LINE place: KCGIFTS ORDER and the ORDER NUMBER.



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