Special Anniversaries call for special gifts.

This gift is made of engraved leather in a wooden frame so it works for a 3rd (leather) or 5th (wood) anniversary.

This sign features:

  • Your names
  • Wedding Date
  • Time spent together in months, days, hours and minutes
  • A custom soundwave engraving made from your very own voice recording.


We use real leather that we hand dye so no two will ever be the exact same as each other.

This is real leather and will have variations in veining, range marks and may even have barb wire scratches, all that add to the uniqueness of your sign.




  1. In the TEXT BOX, provide your names, wedding date, anniversary 3rd or 5th)
  2. Upload a voice recording you make to your partner. Soundwave should be about 6 to 10 seconds. Use your phone or computer voice recorder to make the sound recording and upload with your order. We will engrave the soundwave as well as the text of the recording. If for some reason you encounter an issue uploading your audio file, you may email it to info@kcgifts.net, just remember to place your order number in the subject line.


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