Where It All Began GPS Sign.

This is a great way to display the location your landmark:

  • Where you met each other;
  • Had your first date;
  • Got married

Whatever location is important to you, we can engrave into leather.

Leather is a traditional 3rd wedding anniversary gifts, which makes these a unique choice.

We use genuine leather, not synthetic, so you get a unique leather sign. We choose parts of the leather that are best for signs, but you will also see sometimes see natural markings such as color variations, insect bites and other "range markings", all of which add to the uniqueness of the real leather sign.

Each leather sign is triple sealed for protection and comes in a9" x 17" frame, ready to hang.



Ordering Info:

1.  Just send us the street number and name as well as the city and state and we will do the rest!  We will convert your address into GPS coordinates.



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