Send us TWO of your favorite photos or ONE photo with vows and we will burn it into real leather for a truly unique keepsake!

Great gift for a wedding or third anniversary (leather)!

***** This listing is for a framed leather sign WITH TWO photographs and simple text or ONE photo and vows (lengthy text).

Our unique process of burning images into leather for striking artwork.

We do not print or paint onto the leather at all, all the info is burnt into the leather.

Each leather sign is triple sealed for protection and comes framed and ready to hang.

The frame measures 11" x 14".




  1. You may send us a color or black and white photo(s).
  2. Photos need to be at least 3 meg in size. Photos taken from Facebook, Instagram, etc will not work as those sites automatically shrink file sizes to save space. Just send us the original digital photo file from your digital camera and we will be all set.
  3. If need be, indicate which part of the photo is most important in case we need to crop.
  4. Type any text to be engraved in the notes box at checkout.
  5. We use genuine leather, not synthetic, so you get a unique leather sign. We choose parts of the leather that are best for signs, but you will also see sometimes see natural markings such as color variations, insect bites and other "range markings", all of which add to the uniqueness of this real leather sign. 



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