As the saying goes:

"When the going get tough, the Tough get going." (and others drink)

This listing is for ONE 6 oz stainless steel flask with a hand dyed engraved leather wrap.

Each leather wrap is hand dyed for a one of a kind, never duplicated design pattern, and is seal coated for years of use.

These wraps are NOT printed on vinyl or paper, but are engraved into the leather. The wrap slides off the flask so you can clean the flask.





Our handmade leather wraps are REMOVABLE for cleaning and filling of the flask. Before buying a leather wrapped flask somewhere else, ask if the wrap is REMOVABLE. Most others are glued to the flask and will cause mold if cleaned in water. Water can also delaminate the wrap if it gets wet. Our handmade leather wraps do not have that problem!

We only use real leather, never synthetic.  You will see variations in color, shading, veining and sometimes range marks such as barb wire scratches, brands and insect bits. This all adds to the totally unique qualities of real leather.


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