Six Personalized whiskey bullets made from food safe 304 stainless steel.

Black revolver barrel case holds your SIX BULLETS while freezing in your freezer.

These stainless steel bullets are a great alternative to ice cubes as they do not melt and dilute your favorite drink.

Add 3-6 bullets to your glass, sit back, and enjoy!

These make a terrific gift for any:

~ Military Member
~ Gun Enthusiast
~ Groomsmen 
~ Police and Law Enforcement Personnel
or anyone that loves America and the 2nd Amendment!

<<<<<< Why not add a matching 11 ounce rocks glass to complete your gift! >>>>>>



1. Choose your favorite design from the drop down menu.

2. Enter the text to be engraved into the TEXT BOX. 
Please Note: We will engrave to match our designs, so if our design shows ALL CAPS we will engrave in ALL CAPS.

3. Choose to add a matching 11 ounce rocks glass, or have us ship your whiskey bullets without a matching glass.


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